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ECC building inspector resigns

Sun Advocate reporter

East Carbon City will be searching for a new building inspector after its current inspector handed in her resignation last week.

Tikinna Barker, who worked for the East Carbon City Building Department, submitted her resignation to the city council.

Barker stated in the letter to the city council that she would be stepping down from her position as building inspector effective Nov. 15.

The council voted 3-1 in favor of accepting Barker's resignation, with councilman David Avery casting the lone no vote. Darrell Valdez served as the Mayor pro-tem as ECC Mayor Orlando LaFontaine was not present at the meeting.

The city council will begin looking for a new building inspector who would be qualified to inspect both residential and commercial buildings immediately.

While the search for a new building inspector is ongoing, the city council is working with Sunrise Engineering to fill-in at the building department until a permanent replacement is found. Sunrise Engineering would be brought in to do commercial inspections, but the city has asked if they could do residential inspections on a temporary basis. They passed a unanimous motion.

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