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ECC reviews two ordinances

Landlords and stop work orders were the subject of two ordinances East Carbon City is looking to put in the city code book in the near future.

Ordinance #10-01 is a residential landlord tenant ordinance which says that landlords within the city limits would need to be licensed with East Carbon. The ordinance would help the city be able to know who owns what properties, monitoring to make sure they are in good condition and that the properties could be inspected by the building inspector with fair warning ahead of time.

The city looked at ordinances from other cities around the state back in 2008, Humes said.

The city council passed a unanimous motion to table the ordinance until the next meeting to research it.

The other ordinance discussed by the city council is ordinance #10-02, which concerns stop work orders.

If a person ignores the stop work order and continues to work, then it would be considered a class C misdemeanor. A class C misdemeanor is the lowest level that is punishable by jail, Humes said. A person could spend a maximum of up to three months in jail and be subjected to a fine of up to $1,000. Most of the penalties in the East Carbon City code are class B, Humes said.

If a person removes a stop work order from a property or ignores the order, then it would be considered a criminal violation, Humes said.

Because the stop work order ordinance is being amended, the ordinance would not go into effect until after the ordinance has been published and a public hearing is held.

The ordinance was passed unanimously by the city council.

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