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Potter looks forward to serving county

Sun Advocate publisher

Jae Potter may have had to wait a little longer to find out if he was going to win than most of the candidates that were up for seats in last week's election, but that wait was just a very small detour in what he hopes will be a bright role in the county for at least the next four years.

Potter edged out David Palacios for one of two Carbon County Commissioner spots after provisional ballots gave him a 2,665 to 2,631 win. It made him the first Republican to hold a commissioner's seat in Carbon for many decades.

But after the announcement of the vote count, he said that didn't matter much to him.

"We all grew up in this community and know what its needs and wants are," he said with a smile on his face as he stood in front of the county clerk's counter. "We're all from this county and I just plan to stand by the principles I believe in."

Potter said that despite the nerve racking week, it would be a privilege and an honor to serve the citizens of Carbon.

"I will do my best to represent the citizens," he stated.

When asked about the things he sees that are important to the county and what he thinks should be changed he was pretty to the point.

"I want us to use the money we are getting from mineral extraction in out county wisely," he said. "We need to use that money to support our community and our existing facilities and assets. I also think that we need to look at the duplication of services that goes on in our county."

He also pointed out that as far as projects going the one that seems to be coming up next is a new county courthouse complex.

"What we do about that is critical," he stated. "I have my own opinions but we need to work together to do what is best for the county's citizens."

Potter will be sworn in, along with fellow Commissioner John Jones who won his race on election day, in early January.

For Potter the victory in the election was sweet. Two years ago he made a pretty good run at the seat now held by Mike Milovich and this election cycle he finally arrived.

"I learned a lot from that attempt," he said on election night. "I think that helped me this time."

Obviously it did.

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