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Fan of the Giants

By Vivian Grako


I just had to write this letter. I meant to after reading Walter Borla's letter about seeing the last game of the 1954 New York Giants season.

We attended the 1954 Worlds Series between the New York Giants and the Cleveland Indians. We saw Willie Mays snag a long drive by Vic Wertz near the outfield wall with his back to the infield. It is still known as "The Catch." Leo Durocher was the manager and won his only title among the three pennants of his career. The Giants swept the series in four games.

Herman Franks, who was born in Price, received his first coaching assignment, as an aide to Durocher with the New York Giants. After moving to San Francisco and become the San Francisco Giants they would not win a World Series until 2010.

My husband, John, and Herman Franks were close friends and we were avid fans of the Giants for over 60 years. We saw many games at the San Francisco ballpark as we were living in California from 1949 to 1966.

I have also attended many spring training games in Arizona in the last 10 years.

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