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Cookie cutters

By Nathaniel Woodward


Another election has come and gone and though I'm am among the younger voters (22) it has been one of the most heated and angry times in the news that I have ever seen.

I have witnessed friends and family give opinion and get into arguments which have effectively ended decades old friendships. Worst of all I have listened to each individually speak and continually criticize and insult the other party as a whole. I view myself as a moderate with views both left and right depending on the circumstance so I find common ground with many of their views, but when it comes down to party bickering I find myself in a awkward position.

Hypothetically lets say I had two best friends, one GOP and one Democrat. My liberal friend is talking to me and states how conservatives are ignorant, money hoarders that don't care for the poor. On the other hand my conservative friend claims the liberals are baby killing, handout loving communists bent on destroying the nation. What am I to do?

I wish we could all stop viewing the opposition as cookie cutters and realize they are individuals with personal views on the issues. I have even caught myself doing the same. For example I flip the television on to CNN or Fox and see a Senator speaking and next to his name is a D or an R. I automatically assume their stance. This shouldn't be so. Delving deeper into the issue I find myself surprised at the actual stances and voting record of these individuals; they are far from cookie cutters.

There are wonderful examples in our local community of partisan politics done right. The race between Jae Potter (R) and David Palacios (D) (to name one race) was contested with respect and honest campaigning. If only all could be like that. My simply plea with our local community is that we can focus on the good and be able to overlook each others minor faults.

I personally pledge to treat others with respect regardless of political affiliation or stance, If only we could all make that pledge to make Carbon County a better place. Only the willingness to participate in political or philosophical discussions with an open mind and an understanding for the other persons views will once again unite our broken or disrupted friendships and again teach us respect for those truly trying to do what they think is right.

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