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City wants new home for Kokopelli

Alas, poor Kokopelli finds himself among odds and ends in the city's paint shop.

Sun Advocate reporter

Kokopelli may be more famous locally than originally thought.

The Native American statue was removed two weeks ago from its place in the middle of the intersection of Main Street and 100 West after a decision was made by Price City to take the statue down with the intention of placing it at another location.

The statue, which has been in place for about five years, was located in the middle of the street which created problems for traffic at the intersection and even caused a few accidents, according to Gary Sonntag, public works director with Price City.

Now the spot where Kokopelli once stood is barren, only leaving a mark on the pavement that outlines the dimensions of the foundation it was placed on.

Price City council members and Mayor Piccolo discussed the topic of Kokopelli at their last city council meeting on Oct. 27. The statue has been placed in city storage and plans are calling for the statue to be placed in a permanent location in the spring.

While a permanent location for Kokopelli has not been finalized yet, the Sun Advocate is interested in hearing your ideas.

Send an e-mail to and put "Kokopelli" in the subject line. Write down where in the city you think the statue should be placed and a brief description why.

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