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USU-CEU growth continues

The two-year, double-digit growth in enrollments at Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah are "meaningful given our community college mission of providing access," said Greg Benson, the college's Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Student Services.

But there's more to the story than that.

In the first place, the 21 percent jump in headcount enrollments does not count about 1,000 students in the non-credit Workforce Education programs. They aren't counted until the end of the semester.

Second, enrollments are broad-based in terms of ethnic and geographic diversity.

Benson said the fall 2010 enrollent includes students from 27 of Utah's 29 counties, 21 states and 19 foreign countries. Not surprisingly, the college accounts for a full 30 percent of Native American students enrolled in the entire Utah System of Higher Education.

This is due in large part to the San Juan campus at Blanding, which has traditionally delivered higher education opportunities to nearby reservations and the off-reservation Native American population in the region.

Last year, USU-CEU reported a 12.91 percent increase in full-time equivalent students. At just over 11 percent this year, the pace has barely slowed.

Counties in order of most students are Carbon, 788; Emery, 470; San Juan, 433; Salt Lake, 196; Utah, 88; and Davis, 32. Out-of-state students are primarily from the West, with Arizona having the greatest representation.

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