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Notice Of Delinquent Rent / Sale

Due to delinquent rent and charges, Park n Stor Self Storage is
disposing of the contents of the following units.

	The entire contents of each unit listed below will be sold or
otherwise disposed of promptly at 8:00 am on Friday November 12, 2010.

Name, City, State, Zip, Unit #, Brief Listing of Contents: 
- Arce, Apolinar (Paul)  Price, UT 84501 - S 95  Cooler, chair, grease
guns, cd player, tent, coats
- Aragon, James  Ogden, UT 84405 - S 84 Couch, speed bag base, cd
player, suitcases, gas cans, toolbox w/tools, Nintendo,
  vacuum, misc. boxes/toys, bean bag, speaker
- Barker, Belinda  Price, UT 84501 - S 135 & S 146 TV, weedwacker,
baby chair, shelf, +/- 30x boxes misc. & elk horns,  
  table, car ramps, oxygen tank, shovel, walking stick, wheels,
- Benavidez, William C.  SLC, UT 84110 - M 56 Desk, book set, pans,
boxes misc/clothes
- Bingham, Kathy L.  Wellington, UT 84542 - E 246 Car, tool boxes
w/tools, jacks, creeper, tv/speakers, welding equip., freezer, 
  drums, clock, gas can, vise, baseball/football cards, ramps
- Byrge, Della  Wellington, UT 84542 - E 208 Doll molds, vanity set,
dresser, misc. household boxes, cabinets
- Cooke, Jeremiah  Price, UT  84501 - E 215 Bed/Frame, chest, table,
cabinet, briefcase
- Davis, Debra June  Price, UT 84501 - M 37 Dishwasher, desk,
recliner, bed frame, boxes misc. household
- Dimick, Michele  Price, UT 84501 - M 109 Game systems, backpack,
table, baskets & boxes misc.
- Ferguson, Richard T  Price, UT 84501 - E 19  Ladder, saws, ext.
cords, shop vac, +/- 6x sacks misc, cd player
- Fowler, Timothy M  Wellington, UT 84542 - E 241 Gas cans, paint,
cooler, chest
- Hernandez, Juan  Price, UT 84501 - M 102  Scooter, BBQ, mattress,
- Hoover, Darrell  Price, UT 84501 - E 314 Dresser, microwave, camp
stove, lantern, vacuums, tackle boxes, knives, binoculars,
  books, +/- 10x boxes misc
- Hoover, Joe  Price, UT 84501 - E 276 Coolers, vacuum, yard tools,
misc. boxes household, tools, clock, saw
- Howerton, Nathan E  Helper, UT 84526 - S 131 Chairs, couch, knifes,
dining set, mirror, microwave, truck box & tool box 
  w/tools, boomers, washer/dryer, bikes, drum, tables, desk, shelves,
clay pigeons, pumps, misc. boxes & sacks
- Kraushaar, Linda L  Price, UT 84501 - S 43 Dressers, lamp, tv trays,
end table, coin collector set, +/- boxes and sacks misc., cd 
  player, exercise machine
- Manzanares, Isac J  Price, UT 84501 - M 8 Lanterns, swings,
umbrella, camp stoves, matress pump, mattress, booster, fishing 
  pole, posthole digger, chairs
- Marshall, Jeff T  East Carbon, UT 84520 - S 72 Ottomon, x-mas tree,
tv trays, backpack, game system, +/- 10x boxes misc 
- Moore, Rick E  Wellington, UT 84542 - E 254 Dresser, stove, drum
set, bed frame, exercise equip., misc. household, vinyl 
- Olsen, Wade  Price, UT 84501 - E 193 Chair, bed frame, pool, vise,
toys, bike, bowling ball, desk, fire extinguishers, cabinets, 
  misc. boxes & sacks household
- O'Neil, Christina M  Clearfield, UT 84015 - E 351 Chairs, freezer,
cabinet, dresser, tv's, couch/chair, scooter, boxes misc. 
  household, table, shelf
- O'Neil, JoshJ  Clearfield, UT 84015 - E 32 Washer/dryer, waterbed
frame, dishes, shelves, cd player, shelving, clock, tent, misc. 
  boxes household, tables & chair
- Powell, Stephanie  Price, UT 84501 - M 71 Swing, couch, dishwasher,
exercise machine, pots, +/- 40x boxes misc., a/c unit
- Starzel, Dirley  East Carbon, UT 84520 - E 42 Microwave, tv's,
dresser, couch, cabinet, swamp cooler, bike, potting soil, 
  dressers, tables, scanner, lamps, boxes misc. household
- Truscott, Brien  Grand Junction, CO 81504 - E 24 Chairs, tools,
bikes, chain hoist, truck, gun cleaning kit, floor jack, bed & 
  frame, dresser, compressor, ski's dolly, oxygen bottle
- Walker, Mike D  American Fork, UT 84003 - E 59 Bed, x-box, bike,
microwave, toiletries, table, misc. boxes household
- Willson, Dana R  Price, UT 84501 - S 171 Baby swing, tv's, table,
dresser, cd player, tarot book/cards, lantern, microwave, misc. 
  clothes, mirror, shelves, dishes & pans, fan, misc. household
- Wood, Rochelle  Wellington, UT 84542 - S 114 Bed frame, gas can,
clock, helmet, backpack, vhs/dvd's, trailer hitch, wedding 
  dress, +/- 14x boxes misc, 2x dressers, telescope, 18 qt roaster
oven, freezer, tables, chain saw, guns, knives, lamps
- Yakovich Sr., David K  Helper, UT 84526 - S 166 Washer/Dryer,
Fridge, TV, garbage can, couches, chairs, vacuum, bed & 
  frame, dressers, food slicer, toys/wagon, car seat, shelf, lamp, car
Published in the Sun Advocate October 28 and November 4, 2010.


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