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'Excellent news' - no zebra mussels at Electric Lake

Justin Hart removes a trout from a gill net during the survey at Electric Lake.

The Division of Wildlife Resources sampled the population of fish at Electric Lake using three gill-nets, placed at strategic locations in the lake. This is done year-after-year to monitor fish populations, their growth and health, and presence of nuisance species.

Justin Hart, DWR assistant fisheries manager reported that the catch rate was 30 trout per net, which is comparable to the catch in previous years. Most tiger trout ranged between 8-16 inches with an average of 13 inches. Cutthroat trout ranged between 9-17 inches with an average of 12 inches.

Throughout the course of the summer, the lake has been sampled for the presence of zebra mussels, an invasive clam that has wreaked havoc in lakes and reservoirs throughout the country. This is the second year of negative findings for the presence of these mussels that were originally detected in a larval stage in 2008. That is excellent news, according to the DWR.

If no juvenile or adult mussels are found next year, the lake's status will be upgraded as mussel-free.

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