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USU-CEU shows enrollment surge

Sun Advocate Reporter

USU-CEU enrollment posted another gain this year, showing a headcount enrollment increase of more than 21 percent over last year. While the college remains the smallest in the state system, its enrollment surge comes as welcome news because it means USU-CEU is in line for growth-related funding from the state.

The total headcount tallies up all those who are taking at least one course at the college. It rose by 461 students to hit 2,634. Many of those students are part-timers, but the other key figure, budget-related full-time equivalents, also showed a healthy increase of 11 percent. That is nearly twice the state average of 6.2 percent and second only to Dixie State College on a percentage basis. (FTE uses a formula that reduces head count. Five students who are taking only one, three-hour class each are the rough equivalent of one full-time student taking 15 hours.)

The Board of Regents has not yet released the demographic statistics to show changes in enrollments by race or ethnicity, gender, age or home state. There was also no breakdown of enrollments by the Price and San Juan campuses or distance learning centers.

However, USU-CEU Vice President Brad King said occupancy in the residence halls is up, meaning that at least some of the growth can be attributed to out-of-town or out-of-state students coming to Price or Blanding.

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