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Sunnyside prepares 'wish list' for funds

Sun Advocate reporter

The Sunnyside city council is preparing the city for the short term and long term future with the creation of their list for the funding of projects by the Community Impact Board.

Council members spent time during their meeting on Oct. 19 listing projects of importance for the city that would be funded with CIB money. Before creating the list that would be sent to the CIB, council members needed to categorize projects on a short term and long term basis. Projects listed on the short term would be worked on within one to three years and long term projects would be over three years down the road.

At a previous city council meeting on Oct. 5, council members listed possible projects that the city could benefit from. They decided to research what should be included on the list for the CIB funding before making any decisions.

At the top of the list for short-term projects is an overhaul of the outfall sewer line, which has been discussed by the city council over the past few months. The project, which has a projected cost of $475,000, could possibly be listed as an emergency project by the CIB because of its importance to the city. With funds from the CIB, construction on the project could begin next summer, according to Warren Monroe, a senior construction manager with Jones and DeMille Engineering.

"This project can't wait for a few more years," Monroe said. Monroe also said he was confident that the construction work could be done in one construction season.

Other projects listed in the short-term include a new firetruck, construction of sidewalks around the city, a salt spreader for a city truck and expansion of the cemetery.

Projects listed in the long term included repairing or putting in new tennis courts, relocating to a different building for city hall, maintenance truck, backhoe, tools, dump truck, a brush mower and a possible water park for children.

The CIB board will meet on Nov. 4, in Moab.

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