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Desert Wave Pool -Projects

	Price City's Desert Wave Pool will be accepting bids on the following

	1.      Preparation and resurfacing the concrete floors with a color
stain and non-slip surface in the foyer area, both locker rooms,
hallways and concession area, first aid room, class room and indoor
pool deck. 

	2.      Install new 1" thick plastic partitions in both locker rooms.
This includes 6 toilet stalls for the women's and 5 for the men's, 4
dressing stalls w/benches for the women's, 6 dressing stalls w/benches
for the men's and shower partitions in both the men's and women's
locker rooms.  

	3.      Remove and replace the toilets and urinals in the men's

	4.      Remove bird bath sinks in both restrooms and install new wall
mounted sinks (4) in each locker room.

	Sealed bids will be received by Price Municipal Corporation
(City/Owner) at the office of the City Recorder, Price City Hall, 185
East Main Street, P.O. Box 893, Price, Utah 84501, until noon on
Wednesday, October 27th,  2010.  Bids will be opened and read aloud at
that time in the City Recorder's Office.  Sealed bids must be
delivered by U.S. Mail (mail-express send to street address), hand
deliver, Fed Ex, or UPS. Do not send by Facsimile. Price City will
select the bidder that best fits our needs. Bidders must contact
Tamara Gray, Price City Facilities Manager 435-637-7946 with any

 /s/ Laurie Tryon       
Price City Recorder
Published in the Sun Advocate October 21 and 26, 2010.

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