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Food bank accepts donations, urges community to participate in meeting needs

Gilbert Sandoval, 3, sits on a milk crate on top of a pile of toilet tissue at the Carbon County Food Bank while relatives work at the center. The food bank feeds more than 1,500 individuals a month.

'The food that is stacked in there just came in this morning from the state food bank,' said Karla Edmondson, director of the facility. 'That will last today and then it will be gone. They don't have much to send us this year.'

Edmondson urges residents to donate food and toiletries in the holiday sacks distributed by the Sun Advocate in the Tuesday edition .

'All food donated in those bags stays in our area of the state,' said Edmondson as she rushed from phone call to phone call about people who need help.

Many pantries have encountered declining donations, but the needs are greater than ever and food supplies coming from the state have dropped.

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