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Kokopelli vanishes from Price Main Street post

City workers prepare the bronze statue and pedestal for removal Tuesday morning.

Sun Advocate reporter

At the intersection of Price Main Street and 100 West, a barren spot of dirt on the pavement shows the lasting remains of what once stood there until recently.

Kokopelli, a Native American statue, was removed on Tuesday morning after the decision was made by Price City to take the statue down with the intention of placing it at another location. The entire removal of the statue and the foundation with it took over an hour to accomplish, according to Gary Sonntag, Price City public works director.

The statue, which has been in place for about five years, was in a located in the middle of the street which created problems for traffic at the intersection and even caused a few accidents, according to Sonntag.

The foundation for the statue was placed upon the top of the pavement and with the statue and foundation moved, there is very minimal damage to the street. Because the foundation has been hit by at least one car before, city officials were worried that the foundation would be hit and fall over, Sonntag said.

Price City staff and Mayor Joe Piccolo recently made the decision to remove the statue from the street. The decision to move the statue has been talked about previously, but within the last week the decision was made to move it to another location.

"It was not a good spot for the statue. The city wants to move it to a safer place where people can enjoy it more," said Sonntag.

The bronze statue, which is hollow inside, has been moved into storage within Price City and will be placed some time in the spring when a more permanent location has been agreed upon, Sonntag said.

Carbon County sculptor Gary Prazen designed and cast the bronze work.

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