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Community Nursing Services

Community Nursing Services, CNS, is honored to be a partner with United Way of Eastern Utah. United Way has worked hand in hand by providing unwavering support to many throughout our community.

CNS could not provide the excellent services that are currently being rendered without United Way's active involvement. Donations received allow many who are uninsured and underinsured to receive greatly needed care and other valuable resources. Because of this beneficial partnership, a local newborn and her families' burdens were eased.

Harley was born June 2010, as the second twin, and was smaller and more fragile than her sibling. She had an episode of very low oxygen and was diagnosed with meningitis, requiring life flight transport to Primary Children's Medical Center. When she came home she had IV antibiotics, preemie formula with extra calories to compensate for her feeding problems and small size. On Friday morning after she came home, the mother realized she was going to run out of formula over the weekend.

After an extensive search, the family realized they would not be able to obtain the formula locally. A change in formula could greatly disrupt her fragile balance of feeding and weight gain, and they were very concerned about meeting Harley's needs without disrupting the progress she had made.

At that time, the Grandmother called CNS and asked for help to obtain some formula. Linda Beal, Area Manager, in the Price office, called suppliers from Price to Salt Lake City, and was unable to find any formula. Working with Elaine Gallegos, in the CNS Pharmacy in SLC, CNS was able to order from a distributor in Columbus, Ohio, and arranged next-day delivery to the pharmacy in SLC on Saturday morning, as Price has no UPS weekend delivery. Elaine arranged to have Angelina, a SLC CNS employee, meet the delivery truck, and she was able to drive the formula to the Price office. Linda delivered the formula to the family on Saturday afternoon before they ran out. The formula was paid for using United Way donations.

CNS appreciates Harley and her family for sharing their personal experiences with our community as well as allowing us the great opportunity of working with them. CNS continues to look forward in the great opportunity in working with United Way of Eastern Utah.

CNS and the United Way of Eastern are continually looking for opportunities to benefit our community.

Together, we can and are making a difference in the lives of those around us.

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