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Birth certificate scrutinizer

By Gabriel Hunt
East Carbon


Cody Judy's Meet the Candidates presentation in the Oct. 7 Sun Advocate was laughable at best. In a lame attempt to fashion himself part of the new breed of anti-establishment candidates, he does nothing to seriously prop up his own candidacy, by running solely on a far fetched Obama "birther" platform.

His words present little or no substance regarding policy changes, and come off as conspiratorial and nonsensical. Maybe if he were to read Ron Paul's "The Revolution": would he realize that the constitution had been shredded long before Obama was in office(i.e. 43's Iraq war declaration, use of torture, Patriot Act, etc.)

Make no mistake though, the current administration is copacetic with treading on privacy rights just as much as the previous one, but unfortunately this very erosion is one of the few subjects the bipartisan hacks in Washington can agree on.

If voters really believe in liberty and abiding by the constitution, they should throw their support behind debate reform, which would rightfully give viable third party candidates in the polls, by allowing their message to actually be heard.

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