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Public Notice

The following have unclaimed property with Price City:

	Margie Fitzgerald	 Suzette Alger
	Katie A Clark		   Carolyn Hansen
	Chris Humphrey	   Andrea Layton
	Savana R. Speck	   Ben Jones
	Veronica A Munoz	 Mark G Van Der Laan
	Nicole Heineman	   Felishia K Adams
	Toni Polito		     Jeannie D. Franklin
	Joseph M Blackett	 Wayne E Toscano
	Angelo G Poulos	   Leonard Howells
	M Jones/D Whittle	 Scott & Jennifer Rasmussen
	Laurin Lujan		   Price 9th Ward
	Semira L Crank	   Sean K Perkins

	Contact Price City Treasurer's Office for more information 185 East
Main, Room 103, Price, UT or call 435-636-3161.
Published in the Sun Advocate October 12 and 14, 2010.

These legal notices, along with those from other fine Utah newspapers, can be viewed at

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