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Bruin Point students visit Joint Public Safety Building

Mrs. Bertola's class posed for a photo with firefighters and Sparky.

Sun Advocate reporter

Stop, drop and roll. Never play with fire. Safety first.

Those were just some of the terms students from Bruin Point Elementary learned on Friday during a field trip to the East Carbon/Sunnyside Joint Public Safety Building during fire prevention week Oct. 3-9.

Every class at Bruin Point took turns visiting the year-old building which houses fire trucks, emergency vehicles and all of the equipment needed for emergency workers to perform their duties.

The students first watched a video about fire safety with Sparky the dog explaining what they should do in the event a fire happens in their home. Students then were given a tour in the garage area where they were able to look at and even climb into many of the fire trucks.

Firefighters from East Carbon and Sunnyside were on hand to help teach the students what they do during an emergency or a fire. Students were given a first-hand look at the equipment firefighters need and use everyday including their oxygen tanks, fire jackets and pants, helmets and search and rescue equipment.

"It was very fun trip for the students," said Mrs. Bertola, a teacher at Bruin Point Elementary. "They got to see the new facility and the firefighters were very informative."

Firefighters even got into the fun with the students as they let them carry around their oxygen tanks and try on the jackets and helmets. Loud beeping noises spread through the building as the firefighters demonstrated the use of their search and rescue gear when looking for a person at the scene of a fire.

"This was a good way for students to get used to seeing the work that we do as firefighters," said Bert Krauss, a firefighter. "It also gives students a more hands-on approach of what it takes to be a firefighter by coming over here."

As some students were waiting outside for the bus to take them back to Bruin Point, Krauss used some of his gear, and his strength, to lift students in the air. Student after student lined up wanting to have Krauss lift them high into the air. After finishing the demonstration, Krauss had worked up a little sweat.

"It's very humbling to teach these kids," Krauss said.

Sunnyside Fire Chief Gene Madrid said he thought the students were really enjoying their time at the Joint Public Safety Building. He noted that it was the first time that students were brought over to the building.

Madrid and other firefighters stressed to the students to be safe if and when a fire happens, not to go into a burning building and find a safe meeting place far away.

Madrid also offered some tips for parents to look into including checking their smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors. If they are not working correctly or need to be checked, Madrid said people could call their local fire department and they would come out to the home and check them.

All of the students who went on the field trip didn't come away empty-handed. Each student was given a plastic fire helmet, a firefighter badge, coloring books and crayons.

"They'll be talking about this trip all day," Mrs. Bertola said.

Watching and interacting with the students, Madrid said the day went really well and the looks on the faces of students said it all.

"Seeing the expressions on their faces was great," Madrid said. "The students were asking some interesting questions and wanted to know more about the firefighters."

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