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AARP schedules car safety class

AARP has scheduled a driver safety class Oct. 19. The 4-hour class will be held from 1:00-5:00 p.m. at the new Carbon County Senior Activity Center, located at 450 South Fairgrounds Way.

The Center has been very supportive the past three years by providing their facilities to present the Driver Safety classes.

A major difference that will be new to the students is the 4-hour format which has replaced the 8-hour class since early last year.

Topics to be addressed include: the importance of vision and the changes in vision that take place as we age, also, how reaction time and flexibility is affected as people age, the impact of hearing while driving, and how to identify ways the older driver may compensate for these changes.

The course, for drivers over 50 years old, also includes: information on defensive driving techniques, newest traffic laws, how to handle potential problem situations while performing left and right turns, right-of-way laws, freeway traffic, trucks and buses, and what to do if/when confronted with an aggressive driver(s). The proper use of anti-lock brakes, airbags and safety belts, and how to assess one's own and others' driving abilities will also be included. There are no tests given in this class. Members of AARP will pay a reduced fee for the course. An additional incentive for taking the class besides the driver information received is a discount on auto insurance for those who qualify.

In conjunction with the class will be a CarFit session from 10:00-noon. This free program is designed to improve older driver safety.

There will be an occupational therapist and trained technicians to provide information to ensure the safest fit for older drivers and their vehicles.

The program takes about 15 minutes to complete. Participants are asked to pre-register for the 15-minute session in order to have as many complete the program in the 2-hour time period.

To register for the CarFit program and/ or driver safety class contact Debby Kobe at 636-3202.

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