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Helper to get help with century-old map

Sun Advocate Reporter

Everybody knows where Helper is. Sort of.

The problem is that nobody knows exactly where some of the property lines that define lots and subdivisions in the town should be drawn.

Jean Boyack of the city's planning commission explained the problem for county commissioners last Wednesday.

It seems that the city has been growing over the years, adding such tracts as Martin and Castle Gate subdivisions and other annexations. However, the city had been relying on its original plat map, drawn up more than a century ago when Carbon County had not yet separated from Emery County.

Utah was still awaiting statehood.

Now that Helper is reworking its overall master plan, the surveying methods of the 19th Century are falling short of the mark set by exact Global Positioning System standards.

No official in town has the capability to re-map the city to the square inch, Boyack said. Therefore, the city would appreciate some expert assistance from the county's cartographers at the Geographic Information Systems office.

The county agreed to lend a hand.

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