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Campaign signs defaced around the county

A campaign sign for Robb Radley was defaced in the last few days with tape placed on signs saying "Don't, Don't" and drawings of horns and a mustache.

Sun Advocate publisher

A campaign sign asking residents to vote for Robb Radley for Carbon County Sheriff was damaged sometime in the last few days when someone stuck stickers on it that said "Don't, Don't" and then the culprit(s) drew a beard and horns on the candidates photo.

Radley, a Republican, is running his election to oust present Carbon County Sheriff James Cordova, a Democrat, who has been in office for 12 years. Radleys signs were some of the first large signs erected in the county and the particular sign that incurred the damage has been there since sometime in August without being bothered.

Cordova also reported that over the weekend his sign in the same area had been torn down and he had to go put it back up. He also reported that several of his smaller signs around the area have been removed from where they are placed and have not been found.

The vandalism and theft of political campaign signs that occurred is nothing new. It seems almost every election cycle someones sign or group of signs are damaged or removed from where they were placed by campaign workers. In 2008 a group of signs were gathered and burned in the street in front of a school board candidates house who had placed them in the Carbonville and Westwood area. Other years signs have been removed and thrown in dumpsters and marked up with either juvenile or demeaning depictions.

Damaging or removing campaign signs is a crime and Carbon County Attorney Gene Strate indicated that the person or persons responsible for the incident could be charged with criminal mischief or possibly theft. Depending on the value of the signs, suspects convicted in connection with the incident could face a fine ranging up to $1,000 and six months in jail.

Residents who have information regarding these incidents or who witnessed suspicious behavior in or around the sign in question over the past few days are are urged to contact the Carbon County Sheriff's Office or the Price Police Department.

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