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Channel 10 promotes local area events, people, sports

Josie Luke, an ETV reporter and camerawoman, sets up a camera at the studio on Tuesday.

Sun Advocate reporter

Channel 10, a channel available through Emery Telcom cable, is expanding its coverage of events in Carbon and Emery Counties and is creating a lineup of shows that covers a wide range activities, happenings and people in the area.

The channel was started up in Aug. 2008 and each year they have continued to add more programs to the channel. With the focus on local events, people and schools, the channel has allowed Emery Telcom to show events such as high school football games of Carbon High and Emery High. This year the channel has moved towards showing live games, complete with commentators and instant replays.

Brock Johansen, CEO of Emery Telcom, said they are looking to show both home and away games on the channel and looking to continue adding more games from the area to cover.

"One of our goals is to try and show all of the events that are going on in the area," said Johansen. "It's of the utmost importance for us because it is something that helps bring the community closer together."

Showing both home and away games and we're looking to continue adding more games to cover. Parents love to see their kids on the television, but it's also helpful for people who are not able to attend an event, Johansen said.

"Some people have said they weren't able to get out to the events and being able to watch it on channel 10 was a real help," he said.

Johansen said that Emery Telcom is still looking into the possibility of working more with USU-CEU covering more of their sporting events.

A television studio where shows and interviews are taped is located at Emery Telcom's office at 107 E. 100 N. The studio has a number of cameras and lighting fixtures to make everything look as crisp and professional as possible. Chairs are set up in the corner where interviews are conducted and a green screen is also available for use.

They have done segments on recreation activities, hosted a sports talk show where they interview local coaches and covered city events including local concerts. A local cooking show is also available where local people can come in and share their recipes

"We're always looking for things to cover in the community," Johansen said.

Currently there are five to six people who are out recording events in the community, Johansen said. They have covered sporting events at USU-CEU, Carbon High, Emery High and Green River.

Price City councilwoman Jeanne McEvoy said she was pleased to see another avenue available for the community in promoting events and the city of Price.

"This channel is an awesome way for us to move away from traditional media outlets," McEvoy said. "It will help us advertise city events in another form on the channel reducing the need for things like posters and fliers."

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