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Wellington will pass on 2010 CIB request

The Wellington City Council has decided to take a pass on applying for funds from the Permanent Community Impact Board this year. Instead of sending in a wish list for capital improvements projects, the city will instead send a letter to the CIB explaining that city will be concentrating on making ends meet on day-to-day government services.

This does not mean that there won't be any public improvements projects over the next 12 months. Construction of a new flood control dam and reservoir at the Debris Basin is ready to begin and reclamation of the old Knight-Ideal coal loadout will prepare the way for a proposed city park, ballfields and a fishing pond in the southeast part of town.

Wellington's budget has been stressed by the loss of revenue caused by the sales tax exemption for certain classes of mining equipment. The general fund has been set back by a quarter to a third as a result.

Mayor Ben Blackburn told the city council Wednesday that he has had another meeting with the legislature's Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee and committee members appear willing to find some way to help.

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