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Price, Greyhound agree on permanent station location

The Market Express on Carbonville Road has space for bus station.

Sun Advocate reporter

Price and Carbon County residents won't have to worry about losing any transportation to get around the state as Greyhound Lines and Price City came to an agreement on a permanent location for a bus stop in town.

At the Price City council meeting last Wednesday, Mayor Joe Piccolo said that an agreement was reached with Market Express Chevron, 121 N. Carbonville Rd, that will provide a bus stop where passengers will be dropped off and picked up in the parking lot.

Also Price City will partner with Greyhound to have an area or building constructed where passengers can be dropped off and picked up within the next few weeks, Piccolo said.

"We do have a couple of challenges to work on," Piccolo said, noting the need for a permanent area for passengers to wait and be picked up and dropped off.

Previously, Greyhound buses have stopped at 1st North and 1st West since the service first started back in September 2008, but merchants in the area were unhappy with that happening, Piccolo said.

"They (Greyhound) haven't had a place to stop for quite some time now," Piccolo said.

Now with a more centralized location right off the highway and easy access to many businesses in the area, Piccolo thinks this will be a more suitable location for a Greyhound bus stop going forward.

"It's good business for the city to have the bus stop put in there," Piccolo said noting all of the businesses such as Market Express, JB's, Burger King, Taco Bell, K-Mart, National 9 Inn and more all in the vicinity of the new bus stop.

The availability of another form of transportation is also good for Price and Carbon County residents. Due to Price's location driving is one of the only modes of transportation out of the area. Add to that there are no commercial flights out of town, having Greyhound as an option helps not only taking passengers to places outside of town, but also bringing passengers to Price as well.

"There is a need for it here and this is very important for Price," Piccolo said. "We don't have many other centralized modes of transportation that stops here in Price. This will serve the population well and it's a good need for the community."

Greyhound established service in Price in September 2008, according to Timothy Stokes, company spokesperson with Greyhound. In 2009, Greyhound transported more than 500 passengers both in and out of Price, Stokes said.

There will be two buses coming into Price each day, Stokes said, with service to Salt Lake City, Provo, Green River and Denver. A Greyhound bus leaves Salt Lake City at 9 a.m. in the morning and arrives in Price at 11:30 a.m. with a stop in Provo along the way. Going out of Price, a bus leaves at 4:15 p.m. and arrives in Salt Lake City at 6:45 p.m., also with a stop in Provo.

"This will provide passengers in the area with easy access for their transportation needs," Stokes said.

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