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Pocket change helps Children's Justice Center

KUSA and KASL radio station General Manager Charlie Michaels and KASL morning personality Keith Mason present a $1,000.00 check to Children's Justice Center Director Shelly Wright after counting up all the pocket change dropped in "Mason Jars" in the month of August.

Hundreds of "Mason Jars" were distributed in local businesses throughout Carbon County with all proceeds to benefit the Children's Justice Center.

"It was amazing to watch all these jars just fill up almost overnight. The good people of Carbon County came through once again donating to a local entity that really deserves it. This was one of the most rewarding fundraisers I've been associated with. I thank the CJC for letting me be a part of it," said Keith Mason with KASL.

"We really appreciate everyone who sought out the Mason Jars to make a donation. Thank you for your support," said Shelly Wright, director of the CJC.

Wright says the money raised will be used to buy new audio and video equipment to be installed in interview rooms at the C.J.C.

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