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Gunplay in ECC may lead to new ordinance

Sun Advocate reporter

After hearing public complaints about people shooting guns near residences and other public areas, the East Carbon City council is looking into the possibility of amending a shooting ordinance.

Dave Maggio, a resident of East Carbon, said he has been having problems with people shooting near his property, including hunting deer, which led him to ask the city council about looking into amending the ordinance. In one example, Maggio said he noticed one hunter was cleaning a deer just 180 yards from his home.

Other people at the meeting mentioned having similar problems with people firing guns within the city limits. Mayor Orlando LaFontaine said this was a problem the city has been dealing for a few years but not much has been done.

Maggio said that kids have been shooting doves, birds and rabbits in some areas near his property. Hunters have even taken to stalking deer on walking trails as Maggio said a man in camouflage was seen stalking a deer. The danger posed to people riding four-wheelers, walking with their dogs and children playing near the trail is not something Maggio wants to see continue.

"You want to go hunt deer, I've got no problem with that. I love to hunt deer, but get out of Dodge," Maggio said.

State code limits discharging a firearm in the city to 600 feet from any house, dwelling or any other similar structures. Current city code says that you cannot discharge a firearm within city limits, said Jeremy Humes, East Carbon city attorney.

Maggio said he would like to see the city council amend the ordinance before the hunting season begins. The general season for spike bull elk and any bulk elk begins on Oct. 9 and the general any legal weapon deer season, for people over 18, begins on Oct. 23.

When council members began discussing what the city could do to amend the ordinance Maggio shot back with an idea of his own.

"Well then let's make it a mile because I'm tired of this nonsense," Maggio said.

Because of the proximity of the areas in question where incidents have taken place, Councilman Andy Urbanik suggested that the city get into contact with Sunnyside City to see what their ordinance says.

LaFontaine and the city council requested that Humes look into the issue and see what the city can do about amending the ordinance from 600 feet to 1 mile. The issue will be on the city council agenda at the next meeting on Sept. 28.

Going forward, LaFontaine suggested that anyone who encounters a problem with this to call the police and inform them of the situation.

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