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Going from Price to Hollywood

Libra, center, poses for a photo with members of the Carbon County Animal Shelter who worked hard to help give her a second chance in life.

Sun Advocate reporter

One Carbon County dog will be seeing a lot of stars soon, both on the sidewalks and in person.

Libra, a five-year-old Pitbull, was rescued by the Carbon County Animal Shelter after she was found abandoned in the housing areas behind Wal-Mart. She had a litter of 11 puppies and people called to the animal shelter for someone to come pick her up.

Libra was taken to the shelter where she was not in the best condition, said Doreen McCourt, director of the Carbon County Animal Shelter. Libra was mainly used as a breeding dog, was very skinny and her ears had been clipped. But after giving her food each day, showing her a little love, having her spayed and keeping her active and happy, Libra is doing very well now, McCourt said.

So well in fact, Libra will be heading out to Los Angeles, Calif., where she will make her home at Villa Lobos, a Pitbull rescue center.

McCourt and other staff members at the animal shelter took pictures and put videos on YouTube of Libra and sent them out to rescue centers. Villa Lobos saw Libra and decided she would be a good fit for the center. But even more good news seemed to follow Libra.

While out in Los Angeles, Libra will also be getting a view of the bright lights of television. McCourt said that Libra will be featured in some capacity on the Animal Planet channel, but McCourt doesn't know exactly at the moment what she will be doing.

"She is just a sweetheart," McCourt said of Libra. "She just wants to meet and greet everybody and she loves to play fetch."

Working at the animal shelter can be a thankless job and many, if not all, stories don't end on a happy note. But after working hard to help out Libra, McCourt said it's satisfying for everyone involved to see the hard work pay off in the end.

"We have done everything we can to help her get a second chance in life," McCourt said. "It's just beyond words."

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