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Thoughts on sports: As the conference dust clears

Sun Advocate publisher

With the start of the college football season, things have settled down a lot concerning the conference shift rumors, truths and lies from the summer.

Utah and BYU fans can now debate the relative merits of their teams rather than pick and bemoan their relative positions as to what will happen in the coming years.

At 2-0 Utah looks good, but many Ute fans are being pretty presumtuous to think that their team will go undefeated, break into another BCS bowl game and ride a high wave going into the PAC 12 next year.

BYU fans are scratching their heads about what might happen, with the 1-1 record peering into the future and as unsure about what football independence will bring them as they are about what bowl they will hopefully play in this year.

The arrogance of fans on both sides of the blue/white-crimson/white fight is amazing. Utah fans like to hold their being taken by an established league with long credentials as proof they are better than Cougar fans. BYU fans ridicule Utah for being the "last resort" of a league looking to expand and say Utah will be the bottom feeders of the PAC 12 forever.

The rhetoric is ridiculous. The only place athletics really matter is on the field and let's face it, these competitions have nothing to do with life or death, war and peace or whether the human race can survive on an ever more crowded planet.

I think both schools did what was best for them and that what they have done will be good for all of us, Ute or Cougar.

And what about those Aggies? We need to believe that their growth in football this year will be substantial even though right now their future in an ever waning WAC conference is in doubt.

I know sports are big business, whether it be in the professional ranks or the college ones, but afterall it is still just what it is. There was a time when I lived and died, day to day, over how the Utes did. Now I like to see them win, but if they don't it doesn't ruin my weekend.

Utah and BYU will go on and maybe the rivalry games will become less common. I actually doubt that will happen though. We all love hating each other too much, at least for one week a year.

I just try to think of the best things that could happen. Utah in a powerful league where it could really be in contention for a lot alcolades and attention, and BYU independent, playing big name teams in football and some very good schools in basketball in its affiliation with the WCC where it will be with like partners who are glad to have them.

There is no down side here in my mind. Just good stuff.

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