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Second Chance group looks for help from East Carbon

A group in East Carbon is looking to help community members in East Carbon who have had problems in their past dealing with drugs and alcohol.

The group is known as Second Chance, according to Jana Johnson, and is looking to help those in need by providing a place to meet with others who have been affected by addiction problems and help raise their self-esteem.

Johnson went before the city council to ask for the use of a room at city hall for the group to utilize.

"We want people in the group to become assets to the community instead of being a hindrance," Johnson said.

Mayor Orlando LaFontaine asked about issues such as who would oversee the group. Darlene Kuhns, an East Carbon resident, said that people in area have agreed to help out with the group including a doctor and the pharmacy.

The city council passed a motion which says they will have city personnel find the group a room to use in the downstairs area of the city hall.

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