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Judged by the people

By Lois (Willis) Giordano


I am writing to comment on the letter "Not Helper I know" written by Flora (Borla) Franck (Sun Advocate, Sept. 7).

I went to school with Flora although I was a couple of grades behind her. I remember the Helper she used to know too. But guess what, at that time we had the railroads and the mining industry to boost our economy.

I don't suppose she glanced at Main Street and saw what few businesses we now have.

I would hope that she looked at the mining machinery area and the new sign welcoming everyone to our special town. The museum is outstanding, and in fact people from foreign countries visit and exclaim what a wonderful museum it is. The little park where the old Central School used to be has new trees planted. We have a cross as a historic marker of the first church in Helper along with a meditation bench. We have a wonderful river walkway (which required many hours of planning and hard work) that is well used by all in this area.

I get tired of people always comparing us to Huntington, Price and Vernal - We can not compete, but we do our best. Main Street may not look outstanding but any improvements you see were done by volunteer workers and local businesses. It was made possible by not only hard work but a lot of love for our town.

In towns everywhere there will always be those who love to keep up their yards and those who could care less as well as those who are just not able to do it.

I saw a man in a wheelchair clean and decorate his yard and man with disabilities put in his own sprinkling system and lawn by hand.

A town shouldn't be judged only by its looks but by the people who live there.

I wish more of the younger people in Helper would take part in cleaning up and caring for our town. There are some that do, but we need more.

You know what though, I don't feel depressed living in Helper. I feel at home in a place where you can walk down the street and say "hi" to strangers and not get looked at like you are going to rob them.

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