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Democratic candidates dominate Carbon County elections

Democratic Party candidates dominated the local 2002 preliminary election tallies, with 45.21 percent of Carbon County's registered voters casting ballots at the Nov. 5 polls.

Incumbent Bill Krompel garnered 3,840 votes or 67.11 percent of the ballots to squelch Republican challenger William Palmer's bid to occupy the commissioner's seat on Carbon government.

Steven Burge received 3,865 endorsements from 67.46 percent of the county's voters to defeat Republican Kimball Johnson for the commissioner/surveyor position.

In the Utah House of Representatives District 69 race, incumbent Brad King outpaced Republican De Lamar Gibbons not only in Carbon County, but the region. King earned 3,405 ballots or 85.27 percent of Carbon's vote.

In the United States House of Representatives District 2 race, 3,993 or 69.32 percent of Carbon's voters supported incumbent Jim Matheson at Tuesday's polls. Republican challenger John Swallow finished a distant second, with 1,689 or 29.32 percent of Carbon's ballots.

At press time, preliminary election figures issued by the Utah Lieutenant Governor's Office indicated Matheson captured 108,488 votes compared to Swallow's 106,473. Although the lieutenant governor's office had not counted all absentee ballots in the district, Swallow conceded the election to Matheson during a news conference Wednesday.

Republican Darin Petersen captured 717 or 67.96 percent of Carbon's vote for the Utah House District 67 seat.

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