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Cleaning up the mess

By Marilyn L. (Joe) Stock
East Carbon


Again I feel it necessary to rebut Robert L. Warren and David R. Fryer letters that have been printed in the Sun Advocate in the last month.

First of all I would like to compliment President Obama for his efforts to clean up the mess created by the Bush administration when we went from being the most admired nation to the most hated nation in the world.

I personally believe that Obama could come close to matching Franklin Roosevelt's accomplishments, if he could get the same support from congress as he did.

David Fryer writes that what we did in Iraq was not real torture but it has been revealed that some of them died from it. If that is not real torture what is? I have talked to veterans from wars from World War II till now they said torture was committed by both sides. However the Bush administration was the first American administration outwardly to condone and even encourage it.

Fryer also is wrongly blaming taxes and unions for job losses. There are still some companies making things in this country, but they can't make what they manufacture for 50 cents and sell it for three or four dollars like companies that get their stuff from China do.

It has been stated by reliable sources that from the Reagan years until the present there has been the biggest redistribution of wealth in history. To try to answer Fryer's question of who are the rich, I don't know the exact dividing line, but I do know it includes people making in excess of a half a million dollars a year. How much should they pay? When Reagan took office the top tax rate was seventy percent, and I didn't hear of any millionaires going hungry.

To answer Robert Warren again, Mexico is not a poor country; they have all the resources we do. The problem is that a very few people own those resources and they have a corrupt government that will keep it that way. If the upward redistribution of wealth continues at its present rate eventually most of us will have to try to find a place to move to make a living legally or illegally.

I am eighty-years-old and retired in 1992, I raised six boys on a single income. Now most of the young couples I know are both working, some two or three jobs to support their families.

The Bush administration did everything they could to stop people from joining a union and bargaining for a fair wage. Obama is committed to stop or at least slow down this upward distribution of wealth. Maybe, hopefully, they can reverse it. Reaganhood, the opposite of Robin Hood, was to take from the poor and give to the rich.

And someone has to apologize for the actions of the last administration to the rest of the world.

Mr. Warren says Obama bows to the head of the Muslim world. Who is the head of the Muslim world? If trying to get along with one of the largest religions in the world is wrong, then what is right?

I personally believe the Muslims are worshiping the same God as the Christians and Jews, but they just call him Allah. The only difference is that Christians worship Christ also. I will admit there are bad Muslims, but there are bad Christians too.

In my opinion Dick Cheney is the evillest person on this planet. I think he should be tried as a war criminal. There were people convicted in the Nuremberg Trials that caused less deaths than he did.

I never thought that George Bush was a bad person. The only thing I held against him was that he did what Cheney told him to do which included attacking Iraq with absolutely no justification, I do admire Bush for disobeying him on two things as well; attacking Iran and pardoning Libby.

I'm sure that Cheney convinced Libby that he would be pardoned for taking the fall for him.

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