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Borla retires as federation president

Walter Borla of Helper has retired after 16 years as national president of the Columbian Federation of Italian Societies. Borla's retirement came at the 36th national convention of the federation in Las Vegas, Nev.

Accompanying him to the convention were Charles Hamilton and Van Cook. Hamilton was re-elected as vice-president of the Western Area. All three are members of Helper's Italian-American lodge Stella d'America (Star of America).

The Columbian Federation is a fraternal organization founded in Chicago in 1893. One of the principal aims of the organization is to foster and advocate the spirit of loyalty and patriotism to the Constitution and laws of the United States. The federation includes lodges and clubs throughout the country.

Stella d'America has been affiliated with the federation since 1903. The local lodge was organized in Castle Gate in 1898 by immigrant Italian coal miners. A strike by miners in 1902 necessitated the transfer of the lodge to Helper, where it has functioned ever since.

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