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Green Team finds a crowd of support

Recycling finds strength in numbers on the USU-CEU campus as students, faculty and staff join in the effort with the Green Team.

Sun Advocate reporter

Starting this semester, USU-CEU students will see the campus being a little more green than has been in years past.

Administration and students from USU-CEU and the Green Team have partnered together to provide the campus with recycling trailers to help promote recycling among students. Two trailers have been placed on the campus with one placed outside of the Jennifer Leavitt Student Building and the other placed in the northwest parking lot on the corner of 3rd East and 6th North.

Green Team members Jeanne McEvoy and Ryan Peterson met with students on campus last Thursday and gave a presentation on what the Green Team is looking to accomplish, recycling information and how students can get involved with the process on campus.

The presentation was attended by students from campus involved in areas including the USU-CEU SUNCenter, CEU Ambassadors, student government and resident assistants.

Jeanne McEvoy said she was impressed by the enthusiasm among the students who attended the presentation.

"It was a very positive event and it should have a good impact on them (students) and a productive impact on the community," McEvoy said.

The process of providing a recycling option on campus has been in the works for over a year, McEvoy said, and it was students from the college who requested to work with the Green Team.

The Green Team touched on several points during their presentation such as continuing to work on educating the community to understand how to reduce and reuse, providing the community with recycling information, partnering with local businesses and community members to collect and establish recycling in the area and setting up recycling points in central locations throughout Carbon County.

"Without community support and effort recycling would not be possible," Peterson said. "There is a lot of backing support from the campus, with the very assessable locations for the trailers. Because of that students may be more likely to recycle on campus."

Students are not the only ones excited to see recycling come to campus. Todd Olsen, director of admissions and scholarships and an EUSA student government adviser, has been wanting to see recycling come to campus for some time. Olsen said previous attempts to bring recycling to campus have occurred, but with the students, staff and the Green Team working together, he thinks it will work this time around.

"It's phenomenal to see this happening on campus," Olsen said. "This (presentation) gives recycling some notoriety and gets more attention on campus for it."

Some of the students at the presentation asked questions about what could and could not be recycled, where the trailers would be placed and how the word could be spread among the rest of the campus. McEvoy offered a suggestion with a competition between dorms over who recycles more. By bringing up ideas and having conversations with students on campus, the success of the program is more likely because of the working relationship it creates between the college and the community, Olsen said.

"Students are asking questions, they know what they want and how to execute the plan," Olsen said. "This recycling program will help develop the important community and college relationship. Now we need to get the rest of the community involved and try to get them as excited about this as us"

While this is a good start by bringing recycling to the campus, Olsen said this could be one step toward possibly getting a recycling center in the area.

"Why not take it to that vision," Olsen said.

Kade Magleby, a USU-CEU Ambassador and sophomore, said that is recycling is important to have on campus, but he feels that there is a lot of work to do with getting more students on campus to start recycling.

"Getting students on campus to start recycling may be hard to do, so they may need to be challenged to start recycling," Magleby said. "This is a big step, because it's providing an opportunity to recycle, but there is a lot more ahead for us to do in the future."

While the Green Team is putting two trailers into place on the college campus, they are also providing Helper with a recycling trailer and are looking to have it in place for residents very shortly, Peterson said.

For more information about recycling options and locations, call Jeanne McEvoy at (435) 650-9249 or visit for more information.

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