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Another bogus bill turns up in Price

Price City police responded to another complaint about a counterfeit $50 bill Wednesday morning. This time the phony 50 was discovered at the Eastern Utah Community Credit Union.

Officer Steve Regruto said the bill appears to have been forged in the same manner as the other counterfeit money found at two Price stores two weeks ago. The counterfeiters removed the ink from a real $5 bill and reprinted the blank paper with a copy of a 50.

Three suspects in that case are still being held in Carbon County Jail. All three gave Wasatch Front addresses when they were arrested by Helper police for probation and parole violations.

Captain Kevin Drolc said that the Secret Service has been advised of all the incidents.

Police advise businesses and customers to examine all large-denomination bills. The ink on the counterfeits does not match official currency.

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