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Letter to the Editor: Three issues of concern


There are three issues that concern me in Carbon County.

The first is the question of water storage. We have a great need for more water storage in the county. The incumbent commissioners have not introduced any initiatives to create more lakes.

Second, the San Rafael Swell needs to have secure propositions in place to keep out those who want wilderness. We need to make rules; if there are no rules groups like the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance will make them.

People put locks on their doors and windows to keep out thieves. Putting locks on does not guarantee the desperados will not enter, it just makes it more difficult. The Sierra Club and SUWA, in my opinion, are thieves out to steal our public lands. The more locks we can put on to keep them out the better. We need to make it as hard and as expensive as possible for them to attempt a crusade for wilderness.

Finally, the Democrats are insincere. They cry for a "two party state" but insist on a "one party county."

Please do not vote "straight tickets." Find out the issues and interview the candidates, then vote your conscious. More importantly, don't let someone else tell you how to vote.

Cowboy-up, be a man, think for yourself. Independence comes from making your own choice.

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