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Pack of lies?

By David R. Fryer
East Carbon


The last administration we are told fed us a pack of lies about Iraq. Well, first of all the information they gave us came from the Clinton administration, so if any one fed us lies it was Clinton. We had a good seed from that administration, but all the major powers that are our allies had the same information from their intelligence agencies.

May I also remind you that both sides of Congress voted for the war. I will admit that our President today was not in on the vote. Maybe he would of voted "present" like he did so often in his home state. Too bad he is not present today on his job.

We did have some military members that did some bad things, like taking pictures of nude men, but what the left calls torture and what real torture is, are not only not on the same page they are not in the same state. Ask any man held by the Japanese during World War II or those that were POW's in the Vietnam War what real torture is. As to the violation of the Geneva Conventions, those rules do not give any protections to non-military combatants and they are the type of people we are fighting.

The last administration did not eliminate any jobs, factory or other wise. This may come as a surprise to members of the Democratic party but people do not go into business to provide jobs for union members or anyone else. They go into it to make money. When state and federal governments make tax laws and other regulations that make this impossible and unions demand so much that the business can no longer compete in the market, they are going to move. Speaking of unions, did you know that more union members work in government then in the private sector?

Look it up. Senator Obama voted for the $700 billion bailout and then when he became President he went for trillions.

One last question to my Democratic friends out there. You say the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes. Who are the rich and what is a fair share?

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