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The Wasatch Behind: Amnesty for illegals and others

Sun Advocate Columnist

The government tells us there are 12-million illegal aliens in the United States. No. Make that 12-million "undocumented workers." Words mean things.

The President calls them undocumented workers. "Undocumented" is a softer, friendlier word than illegal, and "workers" suggests people who build things and contribute to the general good. Illegal alien is such a harsh term. It implies criminal conduct by a foreign national.

Let us analyze. When someone enters our country without permission it is an illegal act. When that person is a citizen of a foreign country they are called aliens, by both the law and Webster's dictionary. "Illegal alien" is a proper, descriptive term.

"Workers," on the other hand, might be a true statement. A high percentage of construction, manufacturing, food handling, automotive and service jobs are being held by illegal aliens. This with America's unemployment rate holding at double digits. But then, illegals only do jobs Americans don't want ... right?

We have learned not to trust the government's numbers on anything. We can usually double what they tell us when they give us bad news. The deficit and the unemployment rate are good examples. New social programs always cost twice what they tell us to expect and the same is true with defense contracts. So, it's a good bet the true number of illegal aliens in the country is closer to 20 or 30-million. Who knows? How do we count "undocumented?" Since Ronald Reagan gave three million illegals amnesty in 1986, all of Mexico has been migrating north, counting on a repeat performance.

The stampede across our border over the past 20-years is beyond criminal. It is an invasion aided and abetted by the government of Mexico, and our federal government has allowed it to happen, knowingly. The Republicans want cheap labor and the Democrats want dependent, liberal voters. Through it all, the "undocumented workers" are the ones exploited, and we don't always get the best they have to offer when we allow them to sneak in the back door. Criminals, drug dealers, welfare moochers and potential terrorists are included in the mix. Some carry diseases or unborn "anchor babies" that will be tickets to pseudo family citizenship. Others are here to plunder Rome or to take back Aztlan, the land stolen by the gringos during the Mexican War of 1847. Smuggling, kidnapping and murder are rampant along the border. People there can't use the state parks or public lands for recreation anymore without fear for their lives.

Americans have had a gut-full of this, as evidenced by the tea-party movement and the recent law passed in Arizona. People are angry, frustrated and afraid. We see our country going down the drain in a swirl of debt, corruption, lies and illegal immigration.

The only solution Congress wants to consider is amnesty. They wrap it in a package called "comprehensive immigration reform" to try to make it more palatable. Amnesty is a quick fix aimed at appeasing Hispanics while Democrats keep their new voters and Republicans keep the cheap labor. Amnesty didn't solve anything in 1986 and it won't do it this time either. Real reform means enforcing our laws, sealing our borders and deporting those who are here illegally.

Americans want the illegal immigration problem fixed. If the feds won't do it, the states and the people have no recourse but to try to do it themselves. I'm sure it was out of that sense of frustration that a couple of women at the Utah Department of Workforce Services compiled the infamous "list" of 1,300 illegals that has dominated state news for the past week or so.

I don't agree with what the women did. There were other ways to share what they knew without making the list public. They should have gone through channels to the governor's office or the state attorney general first. But, their actions did show that a whole lot of information about illegals is out there in government databases if only our elected officials and law officers wanted to use it. When politicians say there is no way we can find and deport millions of illegals, they are lying to us again.

Since the women who compiled "the list" are good people only trying to make a better life for themselves and their families, virtues often applied to illegal aliens, I think we should grant them amnesty.

What do you think?

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