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Price City honors officers who saved infant's life

Price City Police Officers Robb Radley, left, David Wilkinson, center right and Captain Kevin Drolc stand with Rachel and Brianna Kerr at a Price City council meeting on July 14. Radley and Wilkinson were awarded medals for their service in helping save Brianna's life in June.

Sun Advocate reporter

Because their actions helped save the life of a young child, two Price City police officers were awarded medals of meritorious service at a Price City council meeting last week.

Price police officers Robb Radley and David Wilkinson were presented the awards by Mayor Joe Piccolo and the Price city council during the city council meeting on July 14.

On the evening of June 3, officers Wilkinson and Radley were dispatched to a call of a nine-month-old drowning victim, Brianna Kerr, who had slipped in the bathtub and was unconscious and not breathing.

Upon their arrival, the officers found Brianna in her mother Rachel Kerr's arms not breathing. Her entire body was purple and fluid was flowing from her mouth. Officer Wilkinson attempted to stimulate the child by rubbing her chest and when this resulted in no change, he quickly gave two rescue breaths. Officer Wilkinson then checked for a pulse and could feel that Brianna then had a pulse.

Officer Radley began to massage Brianna's abdomen in an attempt to force the fluid from her stomach, which resulted in her taking shallow breaths. Officer Radley continued with the abdominal massage, which forced more fluid from Brianna's body and allowed her to breathe even better.

Carbon County Ambulance and Price City Fire Department personnel soon arrived and took over the child's care.

By the time Brianna arrived at Castleview Hospital, she had improved to the point that she was crying. She was flown to Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City where she was found to have no long term ill effects from the drowning. She returned home to her family June 5.

Subsequent interviews with EMTs, firefighters and other officers at the scene reveal that Officer Wilkinson and Officer Radley's quick and decisive actions were instrumental in saving the child's life, according to a report of the incident.

"Our family is indebted to you two forever," said Steven Kerr, father of Brianna, at the city council meeting.

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