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Trim fat without trimming taste

Eating healthy has never been more popular. Whereas cooking shows once focused on making meals as delicious as possible, nowadays such shows place an equal emphasis on health and taste.

While some people might find it hard to believe that foods can be both healthy and delicious, it's actually simple to trim fat without trimming taste. The following are some easy ways foodies can cut fat from their daily diets without sacrificing food flavor.

*Mix up the milk. Many people grew up drinking whole milk and might find it hard to switch right to fat-free skim milk. Those who want to make that leap can ease the transition by switching from whole milk to 2 percent and then gradually wean themselves from 2 percent to 1 percent and eventually skim milk. Coffee drinkers can also cut heavy cream from their coffee and instead choose a low-fat milk to go with their java.

*Don't butter it up. Mom no doubt used to make sandwiches on buttered bread. However, making sandwiches without buttering the bread can significantly reduce fat while not greatly affecting taste. For those who love mayonnaise with their sandwich, consider light mayonnaise instead of traditional mayo.

*Order egg whites. The medical opinion on eggs seems to flip-flop depending on whose opinion it is. One thing all health experts agree on is the health value of egg whites, which contain no fat and no cholesterol. While eating just the egg whites and no yolks will sacrifice some taste, many people find they don't notice the difference after a while.

*Trim the fat. In many cases, the best way to trim fat from favorite foods is to get out a knife and simply remove it. Fat can be trimmed from meats and poultry, making foods healthier without sacrificing any taste. Those who enjoy the flavor fat brings to their favorite foods can spice things up using fresh herbs and spices.

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