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Rocky Mountain Power warns customers of fraud

Rocky Mountain Power has received additional reports from customers reporting fraudulent telephone calls from parties claiming to be a representative of Rocky Mountain Power.

The company has been in communication with law enforcement agencies to alert them to an increase in attempted fraud activity targeting its Utah customers. Rocky Mountain Power is urging all customers to be wary of such attempts.

In the cases that have been reported to Rocky Mountain Power, the caller has requested that the customer provide a credit card number to pay down their bill or electric service will be terminated. The ruse often includes a statement that the customer's check did not have a signature. This is not an accepted practice used by the company, and customers are warned to refuse to provide the requested information that might compromise their financial security.

"We're very concerned that someone would try to defraud our customers using our company's good customer relationships and reputation," said Karen Gilmore, vice president of customer services. "These calls are in no way associated with our company, and we want to make sure our customers are aware that anything that seems unusual is just that - unusual."

Anyone receiving such calls about their utility bill is encouraged to pick up on any information - such as a number that appears on caller ID or an address where they're supposed to send money - and to report the incident to local police.

Do not provide the caller with any personal information.

If a customer has any doubts or concerns that the caller or visitor represents Rocky Mountain Power, they should call Rocky Mountain Power toll-free at 1-888-221-7070 to confirm the person's identity and role with the company before proceeding with any transaction.

If Rocky Mountain Power contacts a customer, the representative will always have the customer's account number. Even then, it is always appropriate if you have any concerns about the validity of the call to let them know you prefer to call them back.

Representatives can always be reached through the toll-free 1-888-221-7070 number, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Rocky Mountain Power employees wear identification badges when performing work in the field. All Rocky Mountain Power vehicles are marked with the company's name or logo.

If you are approached by someone claiming to be from Rocky Mountain Power, check to see if their vehicle is clearly marked and/or ask for identification.

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