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A reunion 50 years in the making...

Graduates of Carbon High School's class of 1960 spend time with each other reminiscing about old memories and fun times. Over 100 people attended the Friday event at the Greenwell Inn.

Sun Advocate reporter

50 years ago many of them were students together in high school studying, playing sports and just having fun.

Now 50 years later, over 100 former graduates came together again to celebrate the anniversary of the first graduating class of Carbon High School. Another event was held in East Carbon celebrating their 50 year reunion.

This time, there were no tests, quizzes, presentations or long lectures to sit though.

Instead much of the time was spent seeing old friends and sharing an endless amount of hugs, smiles and old memories together.

"We can all feel enriched by being here, sharing stories and memories with each other," said Jim Piacitelli, a Carbon High graduate.

The weekend long event included a meet and greet on Friday at the Greenwell Inn conference room, a tour of Carbon High School, the reunion and dinner buffet all on Saturday and a brunch to finish the weekend at Ty's Restaurant on Sunday.

Piacitelli said there is a reunion done every five years and each one has been well attended with local and distant graduates coming back for the event from states including Florida, Arizona, California, Maryland, Wyoming, Kansas and more.

Doug Powell is a Carbon High graduate of the class of 1960. Born and raised in Price, he now lives in Santa Rosa, Calif., but he still looks back fondly on the many fun times he and his friends had during high school.

"It was a great time for me and I could tell you many stories of how we got into trouble and had a lot of fun together," Powell laughed.

Sitting at a table together with some old friends, Powell talked about stories ranging from his time on the basketball team and finishing third in state and getting stuck in the snow on the road going to Beaver. With many of his friends scattered about in Utah and out, Powell said he and his friends try to get together for a weekend once a year.

Price City Councilman Richard Tatton was also a part of the class of 1960. As students in high school they may not have shared as much in common with each other as many do right now, 50 years later.

"I think now we have a lot more in common with each other because many of us have kids and grandchildren," Tatton said.

Barbara Maughan, of Sandy, said if name tags were not available, then it would have been hard to recognize some people.

"It's great seeing people you haven't seen in years and years," Maughan said. "But sometimes I have to look at their name tags to remember who they were back from high school."

Before going on their separate ways, many of those attended exchanged e-mail and phone numbers to keep in contact with each other.

While not all of those who graduated were able to attend the weekend events, Piacitelli said those who show up make all of the time and effort put into planning the weekend well worth it.

"Everybody who comes here has a story to tell and everybody means something here," he said. "Over the weekend we can show them the changes at the high school and Price and help bring back some old memories."

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