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Barracudas rule the pool against San Rafael

Sun Advocate sports reporter

The Castle Valley Barracudas traveled to Castle Dale on June 26 to take on the San Rafael Stingrays. Thirty-one swimmers competed for the Barracudas.

In the eight and under age group Keirsten Oveson took home second in the free and third in the back, Destine Kutkus finished fourth in the back and fifth in the free. Ashlyn Sanda ended up seventh in the free and sixth in the back. For the boys Darren Oldham captured first in all his events. They included the free, back, and breast.

For the 9-10 group Kashia Lott grabbed first in both the breast and fly, fourth in free, and seventh in the back. Talley Larsen swam to a second in the free, fourth in the fly and third in the back. Taycie Davis is second in the fly, sixth in the free, and seventh in breast. Allison Olson swam every event in her age group. She placed fifth in back, sixth in breast and fly, third in the I.M., and ninth in free.

Elley Cowdell finished first in the I.M., fifth in the breast, eighth in the back, eleventh in free. Abby Layton swam to a eighth in the breast, twelfth in the back, and eleventh in the free, Jasmine Kutkus was swimming in her first meet. She took twelfth in the free and eleventh in the back.

The 9-10 relay teams finished first and third in the free and first and second in the medley. For the boys Davis Oldham garnered firsts in the free, back, and breast.

The girls 11-12 is very strong and they grab first in most events and this meet was no different. Ali Heath took first in the free and fly, Addy Olson is first in the breast I.M and second in free, Veronica Ibanez ended up second in the I.M. and fly and third in the free. Sarah Ohlwile swam every event in her age group with great results. She was second in breast, third in fly and I.M., fourth in back and fifth in free. Olivia Black finished fourth in fly and tenth in free. Their relays finished first in the free and first in medley.For the boys Anthony Kutkus took second in the free and fourth in the back and I.M.

The Barracuda girls 13-14 also ruled the pool. Brittney Willson was first in all her events including the free back and fly. Tati Larsen finished second in free and fly and third in the I.M., Joset Wells grabbed third in the free and breast. Danni Noyes ended in fourth in the free. Dakota Noyes took second in back. Heidi Prettyman, in her first meet in this age group, placed second in the breast and I.M. fouth in the fly and fifth in the free. Leah Brandt ended in sixth in the free and fifth in the fly. Their relay grabbed first in the free. They also took first and second in the medley.

Finally the girls 15-18 group saw Aysha Blackwalk away with firsts in the free, fly, I.M. and breast. Christi Wells was first in back, second in free I.M. and fly, Tori Brandt took third in free. Their relay team along with Dakota Noyes who swam up an age group, placed first.

For the boys, Brent Keller was first in the free, fly, and I.M. and second in the breast. Thory VanDyke swam to first in the breast and third in the fly, Lance Riche took first in the back and second in the free. Dakota Powell finished fourth in the free, and second in the fly. Their relay team also finished first in both free and medley.

Coach Kamra Davis summarized things,"The swimmers are swimming well. We only have a few more week to prepare for our big end of the season invitational with seven other teams, but first we have a meet at home against San Rafael on July 8."

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