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Helper Council wants advice from artists, but no board

Helper has a thriving arts community and those artists would like to help the City in decision-making about public art. Dave Dornan of the Helper Arts Council made the offer of support to the City Council Thursday, suggesting that an advisory board might be a step in the right direction.

However, the mayor and council decided that a formal board is not necessary right now. "We don't procure public art. It comes to us," explained Mayor Dean Armstrong. "But we should be able to identify an opportunity when it arises."

The City would welcome advice from the Arts Council, Mayor Armstrong said, because neither he nor the council are art jurors.

As things now stand, Helper has two sculptures on Main Street - the Big John miner statue in front of the Civic Auditorium and the Star of Helper in front of City Hall.

Dornan's point was that the collection could grow in years to come and that artistic motifs can extend beyond individual works of art. Pots for flowers or trees could also count as enhancements of the town's image. He said that the arts council would be glad to assist the city in any way it can.

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