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Shakeup: Dalpiaz resigns Democratic chair, Boyack takes over

Sun Advocate publisher

The Carbon County Democratic central committee voted to make Jean Boyack their new chair person on Tuesday evening, after a rocky spring that had two chairs resign during and after the primary campaigns.

Bridget Dalpiaz tendered her resignation to the committee saying that she was weary of the backdoor politics and people saying things about her. The committee accepted her resignation, just as they had former chair Ed Chavez's in early June. Both were involved in controversies that created some uncomfortable situations.

In May Chavez had forwarded an email to party members that supported former county commission candidate Kyle Edwards in the primary. Some felt was a clear violation of the neutrality a party chair should have during a primary campaign.

Immediately after Chavez tendered his resignation, and Dalpiaz was elevated to the chair position, complaints started to come into central committee members that the new chairperson had signs on the lawn of her home favoring one candidate over another. This too, some members felt was a violation of the by-laws. Dalpiaz defended the signs being in her yard in an interview with the Sun Advocate at the time saying that the signs had been placed there by her landlord. She said she did not support one candidate over another.

"It is not my house and not my lawn," she told reporter John Serfustini. "I rent the house and the landlord put them there."

Later however, reports came that her landlord was her father, Mike Dalpiaz, who also has been deeply involved with the party for many years.

"To me the by-laws are very clear," said Boyack in an interview on Wednesday morning. "There were a number of things that were violated during the past few months."

Boyack had been parliamentarian for the party for many years until Chavez resigned and then she was removed from her position by Chairperson Dalpiaz right after Dalpiaz became chair.

"There were a number of questions at the time whether she should have even been able to assume that position," stated Boyack.

Besides Boyack, there were also some other changes in the leadership. Kay Colosimo is now the vice chairperson of the county party and John Watkins is the parliamentarian. State Rep. Christine Watkins will remain the secretary.

Boyack has been involved in the Democratic Party for more than 40 years.

"I used to go door to do to campaign for candidates all the time," she said. "When I started I was living in Kenilworth and the first person I campaigned for was Mike Dmitrich when he first ran for the legislature."

She was the vice chair of the party for eight years and the parliamentarian for many more during that time.

"I accepted the position of chairperson because I want to the see the party unified," she said. "I was pleasantly surprised by how many people supported me for the job"

Boyack will remain in the position until next spring when a new chair is elected at the county convention.

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