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Helper Council approves revised planning, zoning code

Helper's revised and updated planning and zoning code takes into account the historically small lots. It also groups similar land uses next to each other.

It took about five years of study and effort to accomplish, but Helper City now has a complete zoning code and map, in compliance with revisions mandated by the state.

The document - about two inches thick and weighing several pounds - defines permitted land use in town, assigns those uses to specific areas, and lays out what sort of construction and activities can go on in each. The map is also digitized, which means it can become part of Carbon County's overall GIS mapping on the Internet.

Helper zones can be overlaid on the digital survey map.

The town's planning and zoning board worked closely with experts, particularly with the Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments. Michael Bryant of the AOG told council members Thursday that on of the major objectives was to consolidate the same land uses in the same areas.

The plan also consolidates some similar zones for easier compliance. For example, there was not much difference between R-5,000 (residential on a 5,000 square foot lot) and R-6,500, so the two now share a description.

The objective of the whole plan, according to planners and Councilman Chris Pugliese, was to "accommodate the people of Helper," recognizing that the town has many small lots, some only 25 feet wide.

Martin, the small subdivision on the north end of town, is also formally part of the plan.

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