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Great community

By Dane Rauschenberg
Salt Lake City


I am an ultramarathoner and triathlete. One of my more well-known accomplishments was running 52 Marathons in 52 consecutive weekends back in 2006. I have seen just about every spot in this country and have raced all around the world. However, Friday (June 25) I found myself in your wonderful little town taking place in an inaugural triathlon focused around the full moon. It was a first time event in a small town in the middle of Utah, which led many to hold their expectations to a lower threshold. We were all pleasantly surprised.

The race was extremely well-run and we all thank the Carbon County Recreation for that. But the reason for my letter is to personally thank the city of Price itself for the support that many of its citizens along the course gave to all the competitors, even though many were still competing well after midnight. That sort of civic pride is what brings racers back to a town and when they do, they all help the local economy, something no one needs to tell you is always welcome.

I can only hope that if you missed cheering on the competitors this year, you will make it a point to do so next year. The signs and cheering from those along the course warmed the hearts of many. Please continue to be proud of your town and show how much you love it and those competing in races will continue to come back year after year.

Thank you for taking the time to welcome us into your lovely area and I hope to be back again very soon.

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