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High fire danger shown by small blaze in Carbonville

Bret Cammans, a Price City fire fighter, sprays water on a blaze in Carbonville on Friday afternoon.

Sun Advocate publisher

A fire that appeared to have started about 1:30 p.m. brought the Price Fire Department to the scene to extinguish it before microburst winds could have made it worse on Friday afternoon.

The fire started near the Pilling Trailer Park in Carbonville and was reported by a resident who was working on his car near the back of the park. He said he heard something crackling and then saw the blaze just behind the fence of his home.

The fire fighters had to cut a lock on a gate to get to the area where the fire was raging, but as soon as they did they were able to cut it down to size. A brush truck was the first on the scene followed a few minutes later by a full size engine.

The cause of the fire was unknown, but some who were in the area reported seeing lightening strikes from some thunder bumpers in the area. However, it could have been caused by humans too.

The blaze did no discernible damage to structures and caused no injuries, but did threaten as it approached the fence because of the winds that were accompanying thunderstorms in the area.

Much of what was burning was green and so smoke filled the area, stretching across Carbonville Road where some cars stopped to look at the flames.

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