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Community responded

By Kjirstin Youngberg


As the Costume Designer for The Wayshower, which filmed in your communities the past two months, I wanted to give a big shout-out to several people who helped make my job a lot easier.

Costumes had to be made for several time periods, including 1945/46, 1955/57, 1964 and present day. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to many people, but especially wanted to thank Corey Ewan from the Theater Department at CEU, and also the CEU bookstore employees who helped return the costumes we borrowed. The five actors the college provided went well above the call of duty to make this production possible.

Rudy SanFelice of Price donated many items from his mother's estate for which we were profoundly grateful.

Sonja Blackham of Helper allowed us access to her many wardrobe items, and though we were unable to use many of them, just knowing they were available made all the difference.

Mark Montoya and his family were very good extras who carefully selected costumes of the era and stayed in character as they acted for the film. Many extras did the same, and I'm sorry I no longer have all your names to thank you individually.

Jennifer of the Family Dental Center provided uniforms and gowns to make our hospital scenes credible.

Dave and Marie Bowles of Bryner Photography provided a much needed service. When other local businesses were unable to deal with my large raw NEF photo images, they came to my rescue.

David and Marilou Dornan were indispensable members of the team who provided everything from food and housing, location sites and artwork, even employees to act as extras, to a bit of old sheet when nothing else would do. I wish them well as they host the Helper Arts Festival in August.

So many citizens pitched in and did whatever was needed, from providing collectible cars and motorcycles to a set of polio braces. I heard many of the Hollywood crew remark on how they would come to Utah again to shoot a film due to the willingness of so many people to work to help the production. You have no idea how much your service, however small, will help our state and the Utah Film Commission.

If you loaned clothing items you would like returned, please call me with a description. I am a local hire, and still have some unclaimed clothing. I will do my best to get your items back to you.

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