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Green River video the worst

By Norma Dean Hawkinson
Green River


After watching the Green River Community Center's video on You Tube for the second time I feel I need to speak up in protest.

To say I was appalled is not a strong enough word. To show our town at its very worst was uncalled for. Yes, we all know we have abandoned buildings and houses that are falling down, some trashy yards, old cars, weeds, bad roads, etc. These are things that surely need to be done away with or improved. But what was not mentioned is some very nice things that we do have, a golf course, museum, city park, senior citizen center, library, schools, churches, medical center/pharmacy, nice motels, restaurants, fast foods/service stations, and yes, even some beautiful homes. These were never mentioned, so did they set out to describe us as a poor down trodden community? I would think so, of course. It is all about searching out money for their new building, so maybe they feel justified in doing so. Now if I was an investor I would take one look at that video and immediately decided the town was way too trashy for me to want to invest in. On the other hand if some of our good side was shown I might feel that I wanted to see it grow. In my opinion the community center would have been much father ahead to show just their building and tell about what they do and have accomplished, dwell on the towns good points and appeal to someone to help them get a new building.

I feel they have really done an injustice to GR by putting out such a negative video about our town. After watching the video, if you were a tourist, would you want to stay in GR, or would you ever want to move here?

If you haven't seen the video take a look, then you decide.

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